Xitter, RICO charges in GA, and liberation

In its reach it reveals the anti-democratic truth: Georgia cares more for Cop City than for civil liberties and is determined to quell dissent by whatever means it can.

The Cop City Indictment Prosecutes Dissent
By Sarah Jones, senior writer for Intelligencer 

I finally deactivated my Xitter account. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that far … and then Mushypoo did another shitty thing, stirred up more far-right violence and I realized that by remaining on Xitter I am implicitly supporting his agenda. This statement is privileged for sure – I don’t have a huge audience and don’t have a living to make which necessitates marketing on social media. So, I recognize this move can’t be for everyone. For me, though, it has to be.

Keeping an account was hopeful without any reason. Mushypoo isn’t going to change. I’m not sure he cares about anything except himself – and one way for a obscenely wealthy dude like him to keep being a wealthy dude is to kill the commons, divide the peasants, and keep getting richer. Sure, it’s costing him … but ultimately … he and those like him will be better off.

Which brings me to an article I read this morning – The Copy City Indictment Prosecutes Dissent by Sarah Jones for The Intelligencer.

Mushy’s destruction of a piece of the commons is among the many outlets of backlash for the daring protests of 2020 and the continued movement for liberation. I don’t write this with nostalgia goggles on, but our democracy (flawed as it always has been) has seen better days. The ongoing backlash to the Civil Rights movement, feminism, BLM … and all other liberatory movements weighs heavily on us. Days of Empire are crumbling and those with power(money) will do anything to keep it. Destroy the commons. Refuse real wage increases. Damage public education, ban books, kill the curious and hopeful.

#StopCopCity is not a terrorist movement – rather its a movement built in community, place, and love. It’s a democratic movement more than anything. The RICO charges against protestors is another in a long line of actions meant to keep power(money) in the hands of the few.

The current character of “the rule of law” is such that RICO charges can be brought on the folks who tried to steal an election through violent overrun of government offices AND the folks who want to save the forest and protect their neighbors.

We have an illegitimate state. Lets fight for more democracy not less. We need to look at what is happening around tech, labor, education, and courtrooms as part of a concerted effort to destroy democracy and fully embrace the established oligarchy.

What steps should we take, is the question.

First … be we. Join with folks already working in liberatory fashion, who around you is doing mutual aid, which groups are supporting the community and which only say they’re doing it? Become part of a ‘we.’

Second … study. I’m a nerd, for sure. But I do think learning together is a big freakin’ deal. Talking about ideas, hearing perspectives lead us to better understanding of our world. Communication, sharing – this is study.

That’s about all I have to offer today. Join other like-minded folks, notice where you can make a little ripple – doesn’t have to be a huge step, small steps are just as important.

Love and solidarity to all y’all.