Iris & Snow is named after two souls who helped the site’s founder live and laugh and experience loss and uncertainty and grow.

Who started this site? Me. I am Aubrey Hicks, currently living on unceded territories of the Tongva/Chumash … Los Angeles.

What is Iris & Snow? It’s evolving. At first it was a way to share personal thoughts on politics, books, movies … but I’m hoping to start sharing words and works from the amazing people in my life. Sort of a place to collect shiny things that might help folks imagine a future that is more full of care than harm. A place to amplify and focus on the network of folks who are doing work toward more care – all the tiny and big things that are making ripples of thoughtful, courageous, good in the world.

Me? Well, I’ve worked in publishing, academic administration, project management, change leadership. I’m a generalist – I’m way too interested in ALL THE THINGS to become an expert in any one thing. I love to work with people to uncover ways to make a positive impact; to learn how to build communities, foster creativity and connection, and leave the world a tiny bit better than it was when we came into it.

Daily conversations with folks have me thinking about politics, governance, and democracy. The strength of democracy lies within it’s people. To thrive, the people must be willing to be neighbors. To recognize our duty to each other. It scares me that this feels impossible some days.

How did I get here?

I’m a book geek. Have been since middle school – I had a crush on a certain boy who was reading a SciFi/Fantasy novel – I will not embarrass myself by sharing which title, but i do have a first edition hardcover on my shelves in remembrance. Once I had the novel in my hands, that boy was forgotten.

So, yes … I read. Voraciously.

I work to be antiracist. I work to be feminist. I believe in the messy beauty of diversity. There is no one right answer … only possibilities that we haven’t even imagined yet.

Los Angeles is my adopted home. I was an Army brat, so L.A. is as home as I’ll ever be! I live with my partner and our four cats – plus the raccoons, possums, birds, bees, & wild kitties we try to keep safe in the neighborhood.

As for the folks I’m hoping that will join this endeavor, I’ll share about them as we go toward our uncertain future together.



Here are Iris and Snow, they’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I miss them.
This is a photo of Iris