photo credit: Jamie Biver

My name is Aubrey Hicks, I currently live on unceded territories of the Tongva/Chumash. My work is through USC as the Executive Director of the USC Bedrosian Center on Governance at the Sol Price School of Public Policy. My focus at the center is public outreach on governance, broadly.

I want to find ways to make positive impact; to learn how to build communities, foster creativity and connection, and leave the world a tiny bit better than it was when I came into it.

My daily work has me thinking a lot about politics and governance and democracy. The strength of democracy lies within it’s people. To thrive, the people must be willing to be neighbors. To recognize our duty to each other.

My background is in literature and library science, and I’ve held positions in publishing, academic administration, and project management.

I read. Voraciously – though I know so many people who read more than I do!

I work to be antiracist. I work to be feminist. I believe in equity, inclusion, and the messy beauty of diversity.

Los Angeles, for those who aren’t familiar with the Native Peoples of the area, is my adopted home. I live with my partner and our four cats and two dogs – plus the raccoons, possums, birds, bees, & wild kitties we try to keep safe in the neighborhood.

Photos on this website are all mine, unless otherwise noted.

Here are Iris and Snow, gone from this world but not from my heart
This is a photo of Iris
This is a photo of Snowdrop, Snowdrop