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Hi. I’m Aubrey Hicks. I am the Executive Director of the USC Bedrosian Center on Governance at the Sol Price School of Public Policy. Our Faculty Director focuses on the research end, and I focus on the public outreach.

Effective democratic governance can only be as strong as it’s citizens. My team focuses on bringing governance into the public dialogue. With that in mind, we create programming that allows faculty to bring their expertise to a wide audience. We talk about books and film/TV, we talk about social media, mostly … we talk and we listen. We take our time, we commit to

I’ve got a background in library science, publishing, academic administration, and project management. I’m too interested in all the things to specialize.

I read. Voraciously.

I have two cats and two dogs (pitties actually) and they are my babies. If you disparage them in any way you are dead to me. Dead, I tell you.


I believe humans are indeed contributing to climate change. I believe we argue about the wrong things.

We argue about the science of vaccines only as distraction from the real and difficult issues – should one parent have freedom to put the whole community in danger; where is the line between individual and the public good?

I believe that everyone should read books. Every American should read everything by James Baldwin. Every American should read Evicted, Hillbilly Elegy, The Sympathizer, Rez Life, The New Jim Crow, Reproducing Racism … and on and on and on. I believe people should have a basic livable income, housing, and enough to eat.

I believe anyone operating or helping puppy mills in any way should be in jail, but that a person with marijuana shouldn’t be. I believe we have built a system that inherently keeps the poor, poor and the wealthy, wealthy – the American Dream is a myth told to children to keep them in line. I believe people who were brought up to believe they were white owe their time, empathy, care, and dollars to people who were brought up believing they were “of color.” Race is a social construct – built to exploit those defined as “others” for economic gain. Capitalism and racism are connected. I don’t know what the answers are, but pretending the problems with the system don’t exist won’t fix them.

I believe we should get out of the cave, take the red pill …

I believe in hugs and laughter and trying to leave the world a better place.

I believe in stories, storytelling, and storytellers.


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