New podcast: Not “A Nation of Immigrants”

In Not a Nation of Immigrants, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz strives to look at the ever morphing population of the United States, to uncover the why and how of the mythology that pervades political discourse on American history.

In part, Dunbar-Ortiz recognizes that the looming problems of climate change, polarization, and authoritarianism cannot be fought while sweeping the parts of our history we don’t like under the rug.

What does our history mean about who we are?

Some of us are immigrants, some of us are descendants of colonizers, some of us are descendants of indigenous peoples, some of us are arrivants brought here through violence – either refugees or descendants of enslaved peoples. Compound these complex ancestries with the fact that many immigrants conform to the values of White Supremacy (become settlers) in order to assimilate.

What can we learn from facing our complex history as told through the vast perspectives that make up our people?

How can recognizing the truths of the past help us build a more just and equitable future?

I was incredibly lucky to share this conversation with Yesenia Hunter and Ehsan Zaffar, both immigrants to the US. Both brilliant polymaths, working to fight White Supremacy and put in place building blocks for a sustainable, just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive world for future generations.

Will you be a good ancestor?