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I’m not sure exactly how things should work, but I’m positive that I shouldn’t be receiving mail from the chimney sweeps in Pennsylvania for my apartment sans chimney in California.

Nabokov and brunch

It’s sunny and gorgeous here this morning. I’ve not earned a day off, been slacking on everything lately, but I’m taking another anyway. It’s too nice out, so I’ll make this short and then reward myself for putting up a post – finally – with a walk and maybe some window shopping. Hopefully Fright Night too. More rewards than deserved…

Yet another new blog!

Hi all! I’m starting over and using WordPress to build this new blog, and  I’m kinda excited about figuring this out! So what will I be posting entries about? Yeah, well I think it will wind up being a mish-mash of all things entertainment, some ranting (I tend to do that after prolonged engagement with the world of people), and…