A Neighborhood That Never Changes

NeighborhoodCoverThis is a podcast that I produce at USC, this edition features Raphael Bostic, Sarah Mawhorter, Brettany Shannon, David Sloane, and Tess Thorman

We chose the book A Neighborhood That Never Changesby Japonica Brown-Saracino and explore how nostalgia and authenticity play a role in how people move into and out of neighborhoods. Brown-Saracino studies residents in four different neighborhoods, redefines types of newcomers and how they interact with the standing neighborhood and neighbors. This ethnography, while not the easiest read, has much to say to people who are interested in the places they live. Place does matter – and what happens when you move into a place. What happens to the “feel” and “physicality” of the neighborhood? Who else does your decision affect?

To listen to the Bedrosian Book Club Podcast discussion of A Neighborhood That Never Changes, click the orange arrow in the Soundcloud player at the top of this post. Or you can download it and subscribe to the through Soundcloud or iTunes!

Next Month …

17707526Tune in next time for a conversation about On Such a Full Sea by Chang-Rae Lee – the acclaimed novel set in an unsettling near future. This brilliant novel will begin a two month-long look at how envisioning the future is necessary to thinking about the present, and in our line of work, planning for a better future. I planned to be a discussant on this edition – this is a favorite read from last year, but it turns out that I’ll be away for a bit and have to miss it. But you’ll get to meet Jeremy, our amazing student who graduates this year – his last hurrah.

The On Such a Full Sea episode will air at the end of May, read along and share your thoughts on Facebook. Email me if you want to join the Facebook group!


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